Virtual server

Virtual server

Virtual server hosting, VPS rental

Virtual Private Server hosting has the same quality as a physical server, where you rent a virtual computer part instead of buying an entire server. For companies 1 week FREE VPS1 trial!

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Server hosting

Server hosting

Server placement, Server hosting

Place your computer or server in a safe server room environment! Try out BitHosting’s Server hosting service and we will take care of your server!

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Server rental

Server rental

Server rental service

Server rental service provide you server hosting for a monthy fee. Rent a server instead of buying a new, and you will own a complete physical server. We will help to maintain your rented server!

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Virtual Private Server rental, VPS Should you need your individual part of a server or a similar operating system, but you do not want to spend a fortune, we recommend our Virtual Server service. The VPS1 virtual server package comes with a 1 week trial period for free!

Server hosting, server placement Budapest Secure placement of own server equipment. Our server hosting service offers the chance of undisturbed work for those who wish to have their own server or computers in the hands of experts in a secure and safe data center. Our operators are personally available for you at all times! Server hosting for constant and uninterrupted safety.

Dedicated Server rental In case you do not need your own server or you do not wish to spend larger amounts on buying, rent your server from us! One of the many advantages of our service is that you have complete control over the set-up you rent. We take care of maintenance and repairs.

BitHosting is not only a server hosting partner. We offer lot more than that. Since we constantly strive for innovation, we have developed our own smartphone applications (Android and iOS) for server supervision. This is part of our efforts to satisfy your every need.

By these means, as a significant participant in the Central-European platform, we greatly contribute to the improvement of info-communications. Virtual server? Server hosting? Server rental? We have always wanted more than what most people can imagine when it comes to server hosting, server rental or the nowadays so popular virtual server rental. Today, we are working with partners like Invitel, T-Systems, Dell or even Intel. International corporations' representatives choose and trust us and our services, which is a great honor, but also comes with great responsibility. We are working to offer the highest quality server services. But we love and actively look for new professional challenges. Besides our technical and professional expertise, we believe that one of the most important things we have to offer is the one that comes most naturally to us; i.e. personal and dedicated relations with our customers. We do not see difference between a big and a small job. We treat each and every customer as partners, be it simple server rental, virtual server rental services or server hosting. We know very well that respect and care are the most precious. Even in one of the most rapidly expanding industries, we ourselves love and appreciate the personal relations we have with our customers.


Virtual server, Server hosting, Server rental services provide realistic alternatives for companies wishing to reduce costs and increase the security of operations – available from data centers with a professional and technical support service.


Invitel, T-Systems, Dell, Intel

  • 99,999% SLA availability
  • 0-24 technical support
  • Server Observer mobile application