We provide a home for your servers as an official partner of Invitel and T-Systems.
Perfect safety and complete defense for each and every server.

About our headquarters:

Our server center in Budapest offers 1500 m² of net space for the servers that we are trusted with.
Our address: 2 Kozma st. Budapest, 1108 The flooring in each room can withstand a
load of 50 kN/m², while they have a standard height of 3,7 meters. Your servers are safe
in a place whose fire resistance level is 60 minutes, which means they can be
brought to safety even in case of an accident or other catastrophe.

The availability of electricity and air conditioning is 99.999%, while the systems of electric supply
and building engineering (HVAC) have a minimum redundancy of N+1, which is quite outstanding.

Telecommunications (Network uplink)
The rooms used for server storage are equipped with two-sided, independent optical input and microwave connection as part of the Invitel infrastructure, with additional optical cables to provide our customers with additional opportunities of joining. We provide direct connections to larger internet hubs such as the Ilka street Data Center of Invitel, the BIX, the Infopark or Dataplex. We guarantee a radio connection to the Data Center as well. On top of all this, we have access to 3x10 Gbit/sec connections to other centers of Invitel.

The Dataneum and Dataplex non-stop security services guarantee complete and perfect safety for your and our servers. We are equipped with a 24/7 access control system, anti-entry systems and a thorough, closed circuit IP video system. Our rooms are protected against all kinds of electromagnetic disturbances and are equipped with early warning smoke detection systems with aspirational and optical sensors. Our fire extinguisher system operates with FM-200 (HFC 227ea) extinguisher gas, and to protect the server, an alarm goes off 30 seconds before the system starts extinguishing.

Electric supply and cooling
We guarantee 99.999% availability in both electricity supply and air conditioning. 3 medium voltage devices with a maximum load of 1600 kVA each are in charge of input. 2 of them are operational, 1 is a spare. We are equipped with a safety diesel group as well (2-2 pieces of 1400 kVA Cummins Power Generation generator, in parallel shifts). The two generators are capable of supplying electricity for 72 hours in case of a blackout. Of course, we also have to think about the case when there is no electricity, but the generators are not yet working, because the servers must be online at all times. This is the purpose of the 2N UPS system, in a 3+1 construction on each side, with a performance of 1650 kVA+550kVA, so that the booting time of the generators cause no problems. On full capacity, the 2N UPS is able to hold its ground for 30 minutes, which is more than enough for the generators to start working. The continuous electricity supply in the server rooms is A+B, and independent. The cooling energy is also significant: 1600 kW with 2N redundancy. Our free cooling condensers and a compact liquid cooler are a great combination for an efficient and energy-saving system. Our partners have access to 40 50kW indoors computer air conditioner (with humidifier function), N+2 in each room.

Interested in our server rooms? Book a time with our colleague and visit our data center!