Monthly cost HUF 7,000 HUF 9,800 HUF 13,800 HUF 25,000
Commitment none none none none
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Technical specifications
Processor 1 core 1 core 1 core 2 core
Storage space Expansion is available independently from the package. 20 GB 30 GB 50 GB 200 GB
Memory Expansion is available independently from the package. 512 MB 1,024 MB 2,048 MB 4,096 MB
Availability 99,9% 99,9% 99,9% 99,9%
Internet connection
Bandwith Expansion is available independently from the package. In shared bandwith 15% of the listed speed is guaranteed. 100 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
Dedicated IP address Expansion is available independently from the package. 1 1 1 2
Additional services
Mobile application Server Observer application for iPhone and Android smartphones. free free free free
Client gate Online administration page, where you are free to manage your server. free free free free
Operation system installation Operation system pre-installation on your server. free free free free
0-24 hour technical support 0-24 hour technical support for our clients. free free free free
Instant reboot free free free free
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Virtual server rental, VPS rental - Should you need your individual part of a server or a similar operating system, but you do not want to spend a lot, we recommend our Virtual Server service. The VPS1 virtual server package comes with a 1 week trial period for free!

The virtual server - Innovation in server services. The essence of server virtualization is that we give our customer complete control over a separated virtual server, which safely contains only his/her data. The virtual server contains your data completely separated from other systems, this way you get your own, private, but still virtual storage space. This is a cost-efficient, personalized solution that supports web hosting and complete server operations as well. Virtual server rental is a significant advantage for every system administrator and user who does not like having to share their storage space and wish to personalize every process and method from the interface to data systematization.

There are no limits of load or capacity for XEN-based virtual servers, be it a server based on Linux or Windows. Choose the package you need and set out for the Internet! Test our virtual server services and experience the advantages for yourself! With BitHosting, you can make use of all the advantages of virtual server rental and realise that today you might not find a simpler and more useful solution, which is very affordable as well. We guarantee perfect security of operations and data, which is in high demand in today's IT world. Virtual server rental brings fewer risks than the traditional solutions, since supervision in fact means 24/7 protection.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on server rental, but still need efficient and safe server services, you came to the right place. We not only give you virtual storage space, but do our best to help you and prevent any problems that might arise. These problems can be easily overcome or even prevented with the help of experts and professional infrastructure, e.g. our smartphone application for server monitoring. Don't forget that most of our additional services are free for our customers. Rent VPS if you wish to decrease your IT costs. Find the virtual server package that perfectly suits your need! We are happy to help you and are available on any of our contact channels.

Our prices are gross prices. (TAX at Hungary is 27%)